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The latest news and gossip from the Portland Oregon Food Scene

Here's the foodie best from Portland Food and

Portland Oregon Food and Drink
Search Portland restaurants. Read Portland restaurant reviews, get restaurant recommendations and...

Shirley?s Tippy Canoe Restaurant Burns
According to KPTV News, Shirley’s Tippy Canoe in Troutdale a total loss. Shirley’s Tippy Canoe has been a popular stop for travelers coming through the Columbia River Gorge for many years. The restaurant sat along the Historic Columbia River Highway since 1932, first as a roadhouse which morphed into a biker bar, but then as - Read more...The post Shirley’s Tippy Canoe Restaurant Burns appeared first on Portland Food and Drink.
180 Xurros Returning!
When 180 Xurros closed in June 2017 many people were crushed. The news that they are reopening downtown is a big enough deal that it deserves to be posted here. Jose Chesa may have taken a few blows in the past with the closing of Chesa and 180, but he has landed on his feet - Read more...The post 180 Xurros Returning! appeared first on Portland Food and Drink.
21 Worst Grocery Store Inspections from OregonLive and More
OregonLive just made available what the Oregon Department of Agriculture wouldn’t: the scores of grocery store food safety inspections. created their own searchable database of over 1000 Oregon store inspection results so you can view them, and listed the 12 worst offenders. The results may influence your future shopping habits. A random scan of - Read more...The post 21 Worst Grocery Store Inspections from OregonLive and More appeared first on Portland Food and Drink.
Search Portland restaurants. Read Portland restaurant reviews, get restaurant recommendations and...

Food carts!!!

This just in - Cartopia: Portland's Food Cart Revolution now published and available at Powell's.Buy Cartopia the book

Food Carts Portland lists up to the minute news and reviews for Portland's Food Cart scene. I don't know how they do it considering how fast carts come and go. New cart pods seem to open daily!

Food Carts Portland
A Guide to Food Carts in Portland Oregon

Bake on the Run
Location: Piknik Park – 1122 SE Tacoma The Story: Do you know where Guyana is? Did you know Portland has an authentic Guyanese food cart? Most don’t, but when you visit Bake on the Run at Piknik Park in Sellwood, owner and chef Michael Singh will use hand gestures to describe the country’s location sandwiched […] The post Bake on the Run appeared first on Food Carts Portland.
The Future of Downtown Food Carts ? Portland City Council ? Oct 31
What: “The Culinary Corridor” — a plan to save downtown’s threatened food carts When: Wednesday, Oct 31, 9:30 am Where: Portland City Hall Downtown food carts were born of the Great Recession. Multiplying across the city’s surface parking lots, they have collectively grown into one of Portland’s great, grassroots success stories. They have fostered, economic […] The post The Future of Downtown Food Carts – Portland City Council – Oct 31 appeared first on Food Carts Portland.
Flew The Coop
Location: NE 60th and Halsey, The Barley Pod Hours: see updated hours via website The Story:  There’s a new pod in town. Baerlic Brewing opened up a taproom and food cart lot in NE Portland and brought in eight food carts. One of those vendors, Flew The Coop, is bringing southern fried chicken to Rose City Park. Fried […] The post Flew The Coop appeared first on Food Carts Portland.
A Guide to Food Carts in Portland Oregon

Barbur World Foods Deli now open!


I stopped in a few days ago for houmus and veggie kibbeh! They have a full selection of cold salads and a hot case with kabob, lamb, etc. Great vegetarian selection and very reasonable prices.

BARBUR WORLD FOODS Their grocery selection is amazing - lavash, black currant syrup, olives, kefir cheese, Beer and Wine, etc. Great prices! Right on the corner of Barbur and Capitol Highway. Barbur World Foods

Unsung Lunch Heroes: Sheridan Fruit Market

Writing about Barbur Foods reminded me of Sheridan Fruit Company on SE MLK and Stark. They have a varied and wonderful lunch time deli with outdoor grilled veggie burgers, salads, casseroles, pastries and desserts. Don't think of them as just fruit baskets! Also check out the amazing bulk foods area, including bulk Jujy Fruits. yum!

Sheridan Fruit
409 S.E. MLK Jr. Blvd
Portland, OR 97214 USA

Deli Hours Mon-Fri: 6-6 Sat:6-4
Grill Hours: Mon-Fri: 11-6 Sat: 11-4

updated 1/03/07

Why I lurve PDX reason #3902:Flavorspot Waffle Hut

Waaaaaafflleess to goooooooooooo!!

Just pulled this off Extra MSG:

Conveniently located on North Lombard between Greeley and Denver - in the Videorama Parking Lot. 503-289-YUMM

Look look they have an OVALTINE MOCHA..and vegan marshmellow fluff!
Flavour spot Menu

Holiday Hours:

Sunday December 24: Open 8-Noon
Monday December 25- Friday December 29: Closed
Saturday December 30: Open 8-3 Also: return of the smoked salmon waffle.
Sunday December 31: Open 8-3

Monday January 1, 2007: OPEN 8-3

Current Portland Restaurants

Savoy Tavern

portland cheese curd (3K)Well I can't find a web site for them, so here's the Citysearch link for the Savoy Tavern and Bistro. 2 words: Cheese Curds. Go and have some deep fried beer battered cheese curds.
I've actually eaten here twice and had great food each time. Fab mac-n-cheese, and a house-made veggie burger. Prices are a little spendy for my taste - definitely not super-cheap, but reasonable.

Savoy Tavern & Bistro
2500 SE Clinton
Portland, OR 97202
(503) 808-9999


The pic is for demonstration purposes only. I stole it from Google.

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