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More Crafty!

Today I'm hoping to sneak away and get over to SCRAP for...trinkets! Trinkets-to-be! I've yet to check it out and it sounds irresistable.

and since this is the season, they're having a BAZAAR and Bake sale December 9th - check it out here:

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You think you know socks? You're happy with the same ol' same ol' bag-o-socks on sale at Fred's? THINK AGAIN PILGRIM! And get clickin' over to SOCK DREAMS!!! Amazing thigh-high socks, over-the-knee socks, legwarmers, tights, gloves and a men's department too! Great customer service and speedy delivery. My socks get to me in 2 days easy.


sid viciousDid you make it to the Riches at Rimsky's DIY crafty arts sale Sunday Nov. 26th? Boy was it crowded! I hope all the vendors did well. I got an irresistible Johnny Rotten magnet from Bossa Nova Baby, children's book pages sewn into pouches from Mugwump, and more cute magnets made from the cards from the game CLUE.

Yes i know that's Sid not Johnny.

The previous weekend I had the good fortune to attend the PDX ETSY showcase. I got Xmas cards and hair pins. I only wish i had 100's of dollars to spend, i'd have a house full of inspiration

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